Yoga with Melissa Episode 21: Kidney and Bladder Meridians with Dr Melissa West

By | February 25, 2011

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Yoga with Melissa 21 is a fabulous class for back pain, stress, and exhaustion. In this yoga class we return to the kidney and bladder meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The kidneys are the dominant organ of winter and rule the water element and all the fluid systems in the body including circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine and urinary. The kidneys step up with energy when our energy is low, when we work overtime, become stressed or push too much even when we are exhausted. Kidneys also concern the health of the low back. Thanks Megan who lives in Germany, for requesting a show for low back pain, this one should fit the bill!

I remember when I first started filming these online yoga classes in 2009, it never even occurred to me that people would be watching and practicing with me from all over the world. Thank you for practicing with Yoga with Melissa.

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