Yoga Poses for Shoulders, Upper Back, & Neck | 35-min Beginner Yoga Routine for Shoulder Flexibility

By | June 3, 2021

Yoga poses for shoulders are great to release tension and aches and increase flexibility. These yoga poses feel great for the upper back and neck too. After this 35-min beginner yoga routine your shoulders, upper back, and neck will FEEL GOOD!

✨ So Hum – I am that. ✨

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0:00 Introduction
0:41 Initial relaxation
02:00 So Hum meditation
03:20 Table Top Pose
03:45 Cat/Cow Pose
05:45 Lateral Back movements
07:07 Savasana Pose
08:15 Bridge Pose
10:15 Air-Releasing Pose
11:45 Fish Pose
13:38 Savasana Pose
14:41 Eagle Arms
19:15 Puppy Pose
20:37 Child’s Pose
21:37 Downward Facing Dog Pose
23:43 Crocodile Pose
24:50 Extended Cobra Pose
25:49 Crocodile Pose
26:35 Locust Pose
27:42 Child’s Pose
28:45 Half-Spinal Twist
31:31 Neck & Shoulder Stretches
34:14 Final Relaxation
35:14 Thank you and goodbye!
35:24 Please like, subscribe, comment.

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Tight shoulders are normal due to computer work, driving, carry kids, you name it and it probably makes the shoulders tight! Luckily there are lots of yoga poses for shoulders, upper back, and neck. Taking 35 minutes to do a shoulder flexibility yoga routine adds up to big benefits, even if you’re a beginner at yoga. These yoga poses for the shoulders will keep your shoulders, upper back, and neck flexible which, of course, will help you to feel good!

I hope you enjoy this 35-minute beginner shoulder flexibility yoga routine.

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