Yoga for Your Spine and Neck: Back to School Yoga, Yoga with Melissa #349

By | September 16, 2016
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This is an intermediate yoga class to release tension from your spine and neck. We will do this through yoga postures, yoga poses, restorative yoga poses, breath practices or pranayama and mudra. In this yoga class we will move your spine in every direction: flexion, extension, lateral, rotation and axial extension. The result will be increased mobility, flexibility and fluidity in your spine and your neck. The yoga postures will be both static and moving. We will practice hatha yoga with long holds and some dynamic movements or vinyasa with surya namaskar or sun salutations.

Spinal mobility and flexibility is also incredibly important. Through the practice of yoga postures, you move your spine through flexion, extension, rotation, lateral extension or side bending, rotation as well as axial extension or decompression as your vertically elongate your spine. In several of these movements your spine elongates and lengthens. Your neck is an incredibly important part of your spine. It allows your head to turn in all directions, opening you to many possibilities, however the opposite is also true. Stiff necks which are incredibly common in our culture may also mean that you don’t know which way to turn or that you can only see the one option that is right in front of you. A flexible cervical spine therefore opens you up in a graceful and fluid way to let go of rigidity and embrace going with the flow.

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