Yoga for Tight Hips & Lower Back – Gentle 25 Min Yoga Flow- Yoga with Yana

By | October 21, 2021

Hi friends, ❤

Welcome back to Yoga with Yana! Today’s class is a 25 min gentle yoga stretches for Tight Hips and Lower back. In this class we will focus on connecting to our breaths while stretching out our hips and lower back area. We tend to accumulate much tension in these areas and it’s important to dedicate time to stretching those areas out in order to reduce stiffness, tension and aches. As usual, if you feel the need to take breaks in between or modify a pose, please listen to your body and do so.

There is also a variety of yoga for tight hips and lower back on the channel, so if you are looking for similar classes to this, be sure to check out the playlists on our channel! I hope you find value in this video and enjoy your yoga class! It’s always a pleasure and an honor to guide you through your practice, so thank you for being here!

With love,
Yana Thompson

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