Yoga For Shoulder Mobility and Flexibility – DAY 6 – Beginners Yoga For Inflexibility

By | August 6, 2020

Welcome to DAY 6 of the Beginners 30 Days of Yoga For Inflexibility series🌿

This is a 15 minute yoga mobility exercise sequence to help increase range of motion within the shoulders and build strength and flexibility within the arms.

Note that while using the strap you don’t have to straighten the arms if that is not available for you today, it’s important to listen to the body, list the arms as high as you can comfortably without feeling any pain and keep a slight bend in the elbows if that feels best. in time you will get there 🙂

These mobility exercises and shoulder stretches are perfect for working towards back bends and chest openers.

This yoga routine will help us create that much needed space within the upper body to do poses like back bends and improve posture.

Yoga Strap or substitute for a belt, towel, long sleep, long pants, sheet.
3+ Pillows

All props are optional, but always listen to your body and use them where and when you need.

Inflexibility could be a result of many things, a very common reason would be our lifestyle, from sitting or standing long hours, to even working out. Lack of flexibility is something many of us experience which can often times lead to injury, poor posture, lack of breath intake and pain.

See you on the mat 💜

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This 30 Days Of Yoga series has a last minute sponsor that i am so proud to share with you all and who has positively impacted my practice the past few years.

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Many beginners often practice using mats that are quite slippery, Liforme offers grippy mats that will support you on your journey.

When we practice poses like down dog on mats that are slippery, from my own, and the many students who have joined me, we tend to loose our alignment, and work even harder to stay in poses which can stunt our growth within our practice, quickly inflict unnecessary pain, and possible injuries.

Liforme mats also feature alignment lines that help us align our feet and hands throughout the practice helping us stay more aware and present.

We should truly feel grounded and safe on the mat, i highly recommend Liforme as a beginners mat.

This incredible brand not only helps support us in our yoga practice, but they also support change, fighting for important causes like animal welfare, social injustice and Environmental Conservation.

Liforme is a great representation of the yoga community.

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