Yoga For Perimenopause: Hormone Balancing Yoga to Relieve Hot Flashes

By | December 8, 2019

Balance your hormones and relieve hot flashes with this gentle restorative yoga flow for perimenopause! Balance hormones, reduce weight fluctuations and cool your body with this yoga for perimenopause sequence.


One of the best ways to balance your hormones is to relax and de-stress. Not only that, but it helps maintain your weight too. Restorative yoga, like this class offers, helps with hormone balancing by relaxing your endocrine system where your adrenal glands and thyroid rule. This is super important as you enter menopause because it helps your hormone system transition more smoothly than if you were to go full speed ahead with your regular stressful life. Along with some restorative yoga poses, I also share some pranayama breathing techniques to help cool the body during hot flashes and a loving mantra that you can repeat any time of the day.

Restorative Hip Opening Yoga Stretches at the Wall:
Beginner Morning Yoga for Women Over 40:

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Many of my sequences and meditation are inspired by my beloved teachers: Alan Finger, Anodea Judith, Gurmukh, Rod Stryker, Elena Brower, Kia Miller and Guru Singh

Full Kundalini Kriyas are from KRI (Kundalini Research Institute), Kia Miller or Guru Singh.

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