Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain, Untruth to Truth, Asatoma Satgamaya Mantra, Yoga with Melissa 238

By | August 1, 2014
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In this 45 minute intermediate hatha yoga class for neck and shoulder pain I will give you several neck and shoulder pain relief exercises. We will begin the yoga class with a neck and shoulder pain relief exercise to release your neck and shoulders if you have neck and shoulder pain from sleeping. All the variations of cow’s face arms and gomukhasana arms in this online yoga class will help you with your neck and shoulder pain. Side bends and twists are also fabulous yoga for neck pain and fabulous yoga for shoulder pain.

This week we will begin to focus on a new mantra, Asato Ma from the Brhadaranyaka Upanisad (1500 BCE). Om, Asato ma sad gamaya tamaso ma jyotir gamaya mrtyor ma amrtam gamayam Lead me from untruth to Truth Lead me from darkness to Light Lead me from death to Immortality Our focus for this week will be on the first line of the mantra, Om asato ma sad gamaya: lead me from untruth to Truth. In this stanza of the mantra we are moving from untruth (asat)towards truth (satya).

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