Yoga for Low Back Pain – A 20 Minute Video for Everyone

By | November 13, 2016

Whatever your reason for being here – welcome, yogis, to my 20 minute yoga practice designed to bring relief & release to the low back! Let’s be real, we all sit too damn much & our backs need a break. I do recommend the following props to show your back some love here, but they are definitely not required: a bolster or big pillow & a block or similar object. What about getting back to the basics with me & incorporating modifications for your body? Join me in a free, at home Beginner Yoga Challenge:

**A special note, before we start flowing – If you’re experiencing intense back pain or recovering from a back injury, I highly recommend consulting with a professional on what’s best for you. This practice is designed to help my specific body, in hopes that it translates over to your specific body.**

15 Minute Gentle Yoga for Low Back Relief:
Yin Yoga for the Low Back (60 Minutes):

Thanks for practicing with me,

Allie, xx

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I specialize in holistic yoga for your body, mind & soul, teaching the chakra system, and helping you make the shift from watered down yoga that narrowly focuses on fitness & poses, to confidently leading a wholesome, fulfilling life by leveraging on & off the mat yoga practices.

PS – If youโ€™re new around here, this yoga community began as The Journey Junkie, so donโ€™t be surprised if you hear me speak to it in my older videos.

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