Work Out & Work In ☯️ Legs, Hips, Spine, Chest Openings/ Intermediate/ 71min/ Cat de Rham/ OYT

By | December 21, 2022

Working hard in the first half, from lunges to squats and hips, including a gruellingly delicious exploration of hip stability in Virabhadrasana II and Parsvakonasana. The body getting hot and the mind focusing inwards. This active sequence is then followed by restorative chair-heart-opening-bliss-backbends and Sarvangasana cycle leading us into heavenly surrender of Savasana. Hope that you enjoy this practice and apologies for late delivery. Big storms here in Hawaii and power cuts made it impossible to upload. But I was determined to get this one out before Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone! With love always 💗 X Cat
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