Week 4 GENTLE Postnatal Yoga/ Pilates- Weekly Series Postpartum Strengthening for C-section Recovery

By | September 5, 2020

This 6-week series is a gentle approach back into exercise post-pregnancy. It is perfect for you if you had a C-section, Diastasis or a more complicated pregnancy or delivery. We will progress slowly and safely over 6 weeks with a focus on breathing techniques, learning to use our transverse abdominals, core, posture, breathing and overall stretching and strengthening. Feel free to do these videos as many times as you would like during the week.

You should begin this series at least 6 weeks after delivery, and have a green light from your doctor/ midwife.

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I have been teaching YOGA and PILATES for the last 9 years both locally and internationally. I believe that yoga is for everyone and should be taught in a fun, approachable way. Yoga has truly been a gift for me, in that it has taught me to cultivate patience and strength and to trust my inner wisdom; those three traits really lend to raising children. POSTNATAL YOGA has been immensely beneficial in preparing my body and mind for the daily journey of being a mom.

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