Week 10 – Ease Your Nausea and Exhaustion – Prenatal Yoga Series

By | October 2, 2018

**During this time, we want to help you stay safe at home during your pregnancy. That’s why we’re giving you our whole prenatal yoga video series for FREE.

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This Prenatal Yoga Series will take you, week-by-week, through your pregnancy. This series is unlike any other, in that each class is designed for that specific week of pregnancy. It has taken us 9 months to create this comprehensive yoga series, where we take you week-by-week through your pregnancy (as well as mine) as we journey from WEEK 4-WEEK 40. If you’re beyond week 4, feel free to jump in wherever you are in your pregnancy. I’ll teach you poses to help with your nausea, sciatica, preparing for birth and much more. This practice is for you whether you’re new to yoga or are a seasoned veteran. If you’re looking for a healthy online yoga class that will help yolk the body-mind-spirit connection along with your growing baby, then this class is for you. I invite you on this prenatal yoga adventure as our baby bumps grow together.

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