Melt Tight HIPS with LONG HOLD YOGA POSES – 10-min Beginner Yoga for Flexibility & Relaxation

By | February 10, 2022

In this routine, we’ll practice long hold yoga poses for the hips for flexibility and relaxation. This 10-minute beginner-friendly yoga routine does a long hold of Child’s Pose to relax and open tight hips, then we’ll do a long hold of Lizard Pose to release tight hips. This routine will help you to increase flexibility and promote relaxation. I hope you enjoy this 10-min long hold yoga pose routine for tight hips and feel more flexible and relaxed afterward!

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0:00 Intro to Long Hold Yoga Poses to Melt Tight Hips
1:06 Long hold – Wide Leg Pose
3:50 Long hold – Lizard Pose (Right Side)
6:20 Release the Hips in Downward Dog
6:58 Long hold – Lizard Pose (Left Side)
9:05 Release the Hips in Downward Dog
10:05 Relax with Some Deep Breathing
11:05 Goodbye & Thank You!

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Doing long hold yoga poses is an excellent way to increase flexibility and practice yoga for relaxation. These long hold poses target tight hips so you can get a deep stretch and increase hip flexibility. These yoga poses are beginner-friendly and if you want to do even longer holds, you can increase the duration of the hold up to 5 minutes. I hope you enjoy this 10-min yoga routine of long hold yoga poses for the hips and are feeling a little more flexible and relaxed!

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