How To Fix Hunchback Posture | Better Your Posture With This Yoga Routine

By | June 15, 2019

How to fix hunchback posture & better your posture with this yoga Routine that focuses on stretches for upper back and shoulders.
This is a great yoga for beginners class and perfect for anyone who wants to improve posture, fix hunchback, forward head, or sits long hours. Poor posture especially hunching in the upper back, creates tension and pain throughout the neck, shoulders, back and hips often dipping and adding pressure to the lower back while weakening the core making you susceptible to back injuries.
This how to fix hunchback posture yoga routine will help you build strength while opening the chest, stretching the upper back and shoulders creating almost a memory or reminder when done consistently.
After working on this better posture class you will notice you may not be hunching as much and feel able to sit and stand more comfortably.
The bonus part is when your posture is better you begin to breathe better! This is a great yoga class for anyone looking to stretch and breathe better. When we begin to open the chest and shoulders we then find ourselves breathing better, it’s a win, win.
better your posture with this yoga routine, See you on the mat.

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