Hip & Ankle Mobility Class – Improve Your Skandasana

By | February 21, 2021

Struggle to sink into Skandasana? This class is focusing on all the areas we need to open to find comfort here. Expect lots of hip openers, inner thigh stretching and ankle mobility work in this creative flow class.

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πŸ’» Workshops

β–Ί Master your beginners arm balances:

β–Ί Got a Yoga Wheel? Explore ALL that you can do with it:

β–Ί Take your arm balances to the next level:

β–Ί Nerd out on flexibility methods and techniques to know exactly how to reach your flexibility goals:

πŸ† Challenges

β–Ί Go from tight hips to mobility master in 28 days:

β–Ί Master your first Pincha with 28 day method:

β–Ί Transform your backbends in 1 month by focusing on the parts that matter:

β–Ί Transform your flexibility in 28 days:

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