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By | May 6, 2016

Elephant Haven is an elephant sanctuary in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. It is part of a group of sanctuaries underneath the banner of Elephant Nature Park which is based out of Chaing Mai. E.L.P. was established in the 1990’s to provide a sanctuary and rescue centre for elephants, cats, dogs, and many other wildlife. Elephants are not only an endangered species but also like so many other wonderful exotic creatures continue to endure abuse, cruelty, and mistreatment in order to provide human entertainment and generate easy tourism dollars. Horrible methods and tools are used in order to “break” these peaceful creatures, only to allow us to climb onto their backs, watch them do simple tricks, and even simply pose for photos. Thankfully more and more people are becoming aware of these mistreatments and sanctuaries such Elephant Nature Park/Elephant Haven are beginning to spring up more and more worldwide. And as normal elephant tourism parks are finding themselves under increasing scrutiny and controversy, it’s forcing everyone involved to rethink our relationships with these beautiful creatures. The result of more sanctuaries, is that more sick & rescued elephants are finding the care they need and being given their freedom back so that they can live the rest of their lives out in the peaceful manner they originally deserved.

How you can help:
– Educate yourself online.
– Spread the word and speak out about the plight of all Elephants in anyway you can (be it about poachers, trophy hunters, or in this case as human entertainment).
– Visit sanctuaries when you can, support them however you see fit, or simply tell people you know who are going to travel about the reasons for sanctuaries like the ones apart of Elephant Nature Park.
– And if YOU are lucky enough to be going to Thailand, Elephant Nature Park offers day and volunteer trips in order to allow people to experience proper peaceful and kind interactions with elephants of all sizes and ages.

Mark and I spent a few days volunteering, cleaning, feeding, and washing these peaceful giants in the River Kwai. Truly an unforgettable experience, as well as an extremely small yet rewarding contribution to the saving and care of these abused animals. We feel blessed to know that there are amazing people who work everyday at sanctuaries world wide for all types of animals… the ones working diligently to give them back small pieces of all the things we humans have taken away.


While staying at Elephant Haven we filmed a yoga video we believed reflected the wonderful positive energy of compassion and kindness we were completely surrounded with at the Elephant Haven Sanctuary.

This 20 min yoga flow is focused on rebalancing, centering, and strengthening your body and mind. We move through deep hip opening postures, deep breath work, and core strengthening postures to help you balance and centre your body.

This is a great yoga flow to do anytime of the day when you feel like you are in need of rebalancing and recharging. Move, breath, stretch, and enjoy this peaceful elephant yoga flow with me on the edge of the famous River Kwai.

namaste XO


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Shot in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

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