Beginner Flexibility Yoga for Shoulders & Upper Back | Let’s Get Flexible! 20-MIN BEGINNER YOGA

By | May 12, 2021

This beginner-friendly yoga practice will increase flexibility in your shoulders and upper back. Your shoulders and upper back will thank you for getting flexible with this 20-minute beginner yoga practice.

🕯️ Take10-min to let your shoulders and upper back soak up the flexibility!

5️⃣ 20-min Beginner-Friendly Flexibility Yoga Playlist

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0:00 Introduction
0:38 Initial Relaxation
02:40 Cat/Cow Pose
04:38 Puppy Pose
06:25 Extended Child’s Pose
08:35 Downward Facing Dog Pose
10:39 Eagle Arms (R)
13:23 Eagle Arms (L)
15:45 Shoulder & Neck Stretch (R)
17:21 Shoulder & Neck Stretch (L)
18:33 Final Relaxation, Thank You, Goodbye!
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Taking time to do a beginner flexibility yoga practice can add up to big benefits! With just 20-minutes regularly, you can increase your flexibility in the upper back and shoulders. My 20-minute beginner yoga practices for flexibility will set you up for success! Remember to keep yoga a part of your routine so you can keep your flexibility in the upper back and shoulders.

I hope you enjoy this 20-minute beginner flexibility yoga routine for the upper back and shoulders and feel more flexible!

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