Banishing Back Pain Naturally! Chair Yoga Class for Everyone with Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT

By | March 8, 2023

Almost everyone wants to get rid of back pain without the need for medications, but there is no quick fix. Whether you have back pain resulting from an injury, disc degeneration, arthritis, surgery, etc… your back has gone through alot of trauma! Trauma takes time to unwind and unbind in your body.

The Good News is … YOGA can help get you out of pain if you give it a try!
Find out the two emotions that wreak havoc on back pain. Yes, emotions take on physical characteristics! Learn how to release them and get out of pain!

This class is dedicated to getting rid of your back pain.. the natural way! Learn why stretching, breathing and letting go of specific emotions will help ease your pain.

— Disclaimer —
I understand that my participation in this exercise program is voluntary and may increase my personal risk of injury and I will not hold Yoga Vista and/or the instructor(s) responsible. I personally assume any and all risks associated with my participation in exercise classes, offered via a virtual platform, by Yoga Vista.

The information shared is not a substitute for medical advice. Always seek the advice and guidance of your healthcare provider.

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