Ardha Matsyendrasana (HALF SPINAL TWIST POSE) Benefits

By | January 30, 2015

Ardha-Matsyendrasana, the half spinal twist, is ninth in the sequence of 12 basic postures of hatha yoga. There are many benefits to this posture, but the most important is that the entire length of the spine receives a lateral twist in both directions – first to the left and then to the right.

Physical Benefits:
Increases flexibility in each vertebrae of the spine, from the base of the spine through the neck
Stretches the back muscles and hips
Massages the abdominal organs, helping to relieve constipation
Breathing becomes more rapid, speeding up circulation and creating an aerobic effect
Brings more blood flow to the spine

Energetic (Pranic) Benefits:
Helps rouse the Kundalini Shakti

Mental Benefits:
Brings peace of mind
Helps to cure nervous disorders

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