60 Minute Vinyasa Flow – Strength, Flexibility & Stamina

By | May 25, 2021

This is a 60 minute vinyasa flow class focussed on building strength, flexibility and stamina. A complete practice for your whole body incorporating classic postures sequenced with some optional challenge moments 😉 A mellow warm up and surprise plank balance flowing into surya namaskar A to warm and open your body. Slowly flow through our first standing series of postures – lunges, hamstring openers, warrior 1 and modified side plank…then flow with your breath. We continue to build heat, experimenting with balance (tree, eagle and warrior 3) as we move through lunges, twists, dancing warriors. A final option for side crow from our chair twist, then onto our backs to complete our practice together with backbends, a hip opener and a twist!
It’s mildly sweaty and totally doable and as always feel free to do your own dance if you’d like to do less!

If you’d like to practice along with music, I have my latest spotify playlist here:

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