60 Minute Vinyasa Flow | Renew & Revitalise

By | November 5, 2021

This is a 60 minute vinyasa flow class to help you feel renewed and revitalised. A class that combines energized and calming sequences – movements that bring your focus from the centre of your body to the periphery and back along with bilateral moves to help cultivate balance between focused attention and relaxed awareness. We begin with a unique breathing meditation (5 minutes) to settle and cultivate a feeling of balance and then flow slow. Some floor sequences to lubricate the hips and low back and then warming sun salutes and a standing series of twists & warriors to energise and invigorate your whole body. Experiment with your balance in Dancers pose and cool down with a hip and hamstring series – pyramid, cow face pose and quad stretch before reclining and resting with a guided Shavasana (7 minutes). A great practice to move any stagnant energy or congestion that may have accumulated in your body and refresh your spirits.

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