60 Minute Strong Hip Opening Vinyasa Flow

By | December 27, 2020

This is a 60 minute strong hip opening vinyasa flow yoga class which focusses on unwinding the full circumference of your hips through movement and steady breath. Begin this practice standing and moving with half sun salutes followed by a gentle and slow lizard and 1/2 splits to coax your body into action. Class then moves and flows continuously through lunge salutes and surya namaskar A, warming and opening the front of your hips. Continue to build heat through the front and inner thighs through a series of strong standing sequences, including some core and variations on warrior 2, triangle, 1/2 moon, chapasana combining strengthening and lengthening shapes. Standing hip groin balance, standing splits and cross legged forward fold. Cool down with targeted outer hip poses (fallen triangle and pigeon) and seated wide (upavistha konasana) and cross legged (option for firelog/double pigeon) forward folds. A class for practitioners with a more established practice or strong beginners when you’re feeling congested in the hips. There are no advanced postures and class moves at a steady , continuous pace without feeling hurried. Enjoy!

Music: If you’d like to practice along with music, I have a spotify playlist:

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