60 Minute Slow Heat Building Vinyasa Flow

By | December 1, 2020

This is a 60 minute slow heat building vinyasa flow class. An all round flow with a particular emphasis on hip & back body strengthening. Class begins in child’s pose. We then coax the body into some movement, rhythm and bring awareness to our back body & breath gently waking up the posterior chain of muscles along the spine as well as the glutes and back seams of the legs. Class then starts to build some slow heat in the lower body focussing on stabilising and strengthening the hips through various balancing & standing sequences. There’s quite a few chair variations 🙂 Cool down and stretch out with a standing hip groin stretch, pyramid, seated 1/2 cow, twist and forward fold followed by shavasana.

Ralphie returns with his candid appearances, showing us his best moves! Enjoy!

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