60 Minute Grounding Vinyasa Flow

By | October 18, 2021

This is a 60 minute grounding vinyasa flow class. A class to help you feel supported and connected to your body and your surroundings whenever you may feel disembodied, disconnected, or stressed. This calming and grounding class begins with a seated meditation to shift focus from our headspace into our bodies and breath. We then flow slowly through a gentle warm up and some variations on our sun salutes
– cat / cow surya namaskar A, plus
– low lunge and twist surya C.
Our standing series of postures are classic warrior flow, taking time in each of the shapes to make contact with our breath & feeling the floor welcoming our bodies. We move at a steady, slower pace.
Wind down with some hip openers (lizard, pigeon, reclined cow, happy baby), seated pranayama (alternative nostril breathing) and a lovely longer shavasana.
A well rounded, accessible flow that will help you land back in your body.

If you would like to practice along with music, I have a mostly instrumental calm track list on Spotify:

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