60 Minute Balanced Strength & Flexibility Vinyasa Flow

By | October 22, 2021

This is a 60 minute balanced strength and flexibility vinyasa flow class. Class focusses on lengthening and strengthening all the major muscle groups in a slow, heat building sequence. We open with ‘Breath of Joy’, an invigorating breathing technique designed to wake and warm the whole body, followed by classic sun salutes (A & B). Our standing series of postures continue to build heat in the legs and upper body (reverse prayer twist, core lunges, active lizard, warrior 2 & side plank) punctuated evenly with poses to re-lengthen and work on your flexibility (1/2 splits, quad stretch variation, pyramid variations). You’ll warm up and then welcome the stretch in a balanced approach in each sequence. Class then moves to the posterior chain of muscles, strengthening and toning your spinal muscles, glutes and hamstrings – locust variations, tabletop and east pose and then wind down with a shoulder stand inversion – (modification offered), fish, reclined twist and forward fold.
For practice, you may wish to have a block and/or folded blanket.

If you would like to practice along with music, I have an up tempo track list on Spotify:

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