60 MIN INTENSE FULL BODY PILATES WORKOUT | Full Length 1 Hour Pilates Class | No Equipment

By | October 13, 2021

Tone your entire body with this 60 minute at-home intense pilates workout! If you want to sculpt your arms, shoulders, abs, back, legs and booty then you are in the right place! This 1-hour full body pilates mat workout can be done at home or anywhere you want, as you don’t need any equipment. As always, we are going to start with a gentle warm-up, followed by an intense pilates workout where we work all big muscle groups and we will close this class with some nice stretching to cool down!
In this one hour full body pilates workout we are moving with the breath, enjoying the burn to feel wonderful during and after the practice. Feel free to pause the video at any time, take a break and return when you feel ready. Listen to your body and enjoy this full body workout at home! Let me know how you liked it!!

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Warm Up: (0:00)
Full Body Workout: (7:38)
Cool Down: (57:06)

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My YOGA MAT is from https://eu.manduka.com/ ✺ I practice on the eKO Lite 4mm yoga mat in the color Charcoal. You can use my code NATHALIESHANTI for 10% off!

My OUTFIT is from Alo Yoga.

🎵 I use royalty free music from Epidemic Sound – Try it out here: https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/1pwlv2/

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Disclaimer – It’s best to always consult your doctor before starting any kind of new exercise regime or yoga program. All forms of physical exercises can possibly lead to injuries. By performing and using my videos (Nathalie Shanti), you are aware of the risks and take full responsibility for any injuries, which might be connected to any the videos I am posting.

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