5 min Guided Evening Meditation with Positive Affirmations

By | March 30, 2021

Relax at the end of the day with this 5 minute bedtime affirmation meditation.
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Hey yogis, this affirmation meditation is part of my Evening Yoga Movement challenge which begins April 1st.

Tonight I’ll take you through a very simple affirmation meditation that you can do in the evening or before going to bed. It will help you find serenity, clarity and peace of mind. We’ll use affirmations in this meditation, all you need to do is listen to them and internally repeat them back to yourself. You can do this seated or lying down, whatever feels the best to you.

Here are the affirmations used:
I am grateful for my health
I did my best today and thatโ€™s enough
I feel calm, relaxed and grounded
In this moment, all is well
I am in the process of positive change
Deep within me is an infinite source of love
I trust the flow of life
It is safe for me to let go and relax
My day begins and ends with gratitude
Iโ€™m proud of myself and how far Iโ€™ve come
I am grateful for the love in my life
I feel at home in my body
I adapt to change easily and effortlessly
I handle my life with joy and ease
I am connected to my power center
I am an open channel for creativity
Abundance flows freely to me
I fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed
I am worthy of good things
I release all physical, emotional and mental tension
My inner peace is my power
I am grounded and centered
I feel more at ease with every breath I take
I am good enough exactly as I am
Every day I become more aligned with my purpose
Iโ€™m grateful for all that I have
I release all worries, tomorrow is a new day
I value my dreams and desires
My journey is my own and I claim it now
I choose serenity and peace

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