45 Minute Vinyasa Flow – Mindful Movement, Pranayama, Minimal Cues

By | May 14, 2021

This is a 45 minute vinyasa flow class incorporating the practice of coherent breathing and mindful movement. Both a stillness and moving meditation in motion with minimal cues to guide you and enough space and quiet to fully experience a meditative mindset. Class focuses on creating a deep, rhythmic, coherent breath in this slow paced flow that will leave you feeling grounded, calm and centered.
Class begins with an introduction to this breathing technique (10 minutes seated meditation), we then flow taking our breath cadence with us. A simple repetitive, accessible sequence including lunges, twists, skandasana, warrior 2, triangle, 1/2 moon, pigeon, reclined bound angle pose and shavasana.
It’s a slow motion flow encouraging you to resist temptation to rush and delve deep into your breath. Enjoy!

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