45 Minute Vinyasa Flow – Intermediate series (Part 10 – 14 July ‘22)

By | July 15, 2022

Welcome to the intermediate series of classes. These practices are a little more challenging for your strength, flexibility and balance.

This is a 45 minute vinyasa class. Part 10 filmed on location at Shoreham Ocean beach, Mornington Peninsula.
Class focuses on mobilising the shoulders, opening the chest, strengthening and toning the back muscles. A great class for restoring range of motion in the shoulders and better bilateral balance in the front and back body.
Begin gently with some static and flow shoulder openers, then gradually build some heat through the standing pose sequences interspersed with some refreshing & heart openers (skydiver, bow and partridge). Practice dancers pose with a belt, then slow and cool with a hip opener, twist and forward fold or optional inversion.

An approachable, energising intermediate class with modifications offered.

For practice, (not essential but helpful) a blanket and a yoga belt or something similar.

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