45 Minute Strong Slow Vinyasa Flow

By | October 1, 2021

This is a 45 minute strong and slow vinyasa flow class. An intermediate class that begins with a brief seated meditation establishing an equal and even breath count (Sama vritti pranayama). We flow slow through some shoulder and side body openers followed by traditional Surya Namaskar A to warm up emphasising breath and cadence. Class then challenges you to stay with this tempo – beginning with some gentle held poses (low lunge and 1/2 splits), then slowly building internal heat & intensity – high lunge, revolved prayer twist, chairs and variations on our vinyasa’s. Our standing series also includes an opportunity to practice your balance (flamingo, swan and revolved 1/2 moon) and condition your upper body.
Once you realise you’ve built up a sweat, there are sweet intermissions / rest stops in between so you can calm and maintain your steady breath and release the muscles that you’ve worked.
For practice, you may wish to have a block. Enjoy!

If you would like to practice along with music, here’s my Spotify Playlist for this class

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