45 Minute Nurturing Vinyasa Flow with Acupressure

By | September 30, 2020

This is a 45 minute nurturing vinyasa flow class with acupressure to soothe and calm your body. A gentle flow class with just enough movement to help loosen tight areas in your body without being too fatiguing. Class incorporates acupressure points at the start and end of class in the more static postures to help facilitate relief from inflammation, physical and mental stagnation and promote and support our bodies own vitality. A class for self care and to replenish your energy reserves. The trigger points include LI4 (Large Intestine 4) https://mendacupuncture.com/li4-our-great-eliminator/ – commonly used to reduce stress, facial pain, headaches, neck pain, regulating elimination and reducing inflammation and congestion. Please do not use this pressure point if you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant as it is known to induce labour.

The final two points include: LV3 (Liver 3) – https://exploreim.ucla.edu/self-care/acupressure-point-lv3/ – a potent point for regulating emotional energy – anger, frustration, cramping pain – a period lifesaver 😉 and finally

Spleen 8 https://theory.yinyanghouse.com/acupuncturepoints/spleen_meridian_point_functions which helps to regulate abdominal pain.
I’ve personally found acupressure extremely helpful with my inflammatory arthritis and dealing with chronic pain. It’s a very simple, effective and intuitive self help practice. If you’re someone who is open to natural practices that empower your bodies own health, then I’d highly recommend it.

For practice, you’ll need a blanket as a prop.


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