45 Minute Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga

By | September 4, 2019

This is an all round Morning Vinyasa Flow yoga class designed to gently wake you up and build some warmth and suppleness in your whole body. Practice begins on your back with some fluid hip openers, progressing to cat/cow and then class moves steadily through lunges, standing flow and simple balances to build focus and warm the lower half of your body. Class concludes with boat, twists and hamstring openers to balance out. Enjoy a guided shavasana at the end of your practice. Namaste, Fi
Music: “Beth” YouTube Music Library, Muciojad:
Music provided by RFM: https://youtu.be/7rXf5jntVRw, “Song of Mirrors” YouTube Music Library “Jessica” YouTube Music Library, “Tomorrow” by Bensound.com “BetterDays” by Bensound.com

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