35 Minute Vinyasa Flow – Mindful Movement Series (Part 3 – 28 Apr ’22)

By | April 28, 2022

This is a 35 minute vinyasa flow, part 3 of a new series of mindful movement classes. Meditative flows that combine breath, movement and mindfulness techniques. These practices encourage you to cultivate a state of presence and calm anchoring your attention into the here and now. This kind of attention nurtures greater clarity, awareness and equanimity.
This class is a ladder style flow. A steady, continuous class that incorporates a simple mantra. One that encourages you to breathe well and deep. Flow through spinal waves, side plank, locust and downward facing dog for a warm up. The standing ladder flow starts slow – low lunge, arrowhead, high lunge, then we add to our flow with high lunge, twists and swan – flowing one movement, one breath. Cool down with bridge, happy baby, reclined bound angle pose and shavasana.
An express, energising sequence that keeps you attentive to the quality of your breath.

If you’d like to practice along with music, here is my Spotify playlist for class:


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