35 Minute Morning Vinyasa Series (Part 5 – 11 Mar ‘22)

By | March 10, 2022

This is a 35 minute vinyasa flow. Part 5 of a series of morning classes designed to enliven your whole body so you can move into your day with clarity, intention and ease.

Each class in this series follows a similar structure and builds on the previous one. The first class is a gentle flow https://youtu.be/fYsrn51nIX0
introducing all the elements of this morning series and the subsequent classes explore more warming versions in each pose category.

This series offers you an opportunity to build your skills and proficiency in movement and breath work. You’ll get to experience all the benefits of a regular morning practice and step into your day more intentionally.

Warm up with a ladder style flow to warm the shoulders, spine, hips and core – childs, cat /cow, dog, plank, sphinx and forearm tango ;-). We then practice an enlivening breath/movement practice – Breath of Joy to warm and invigorate followed by Sun Salutations. A short standing sequence for the hips, hamstrings and balance. Locust and optional bow pose for our backbends before cooling down with pigeon, an inversion, breath work (box breathing) and meditation. A compact, steady flow that will have your whole body awake without too much effort and your mind clear.

For practice you may wish blocks (for lunge and pyramid) and blanket for a restorative inversion and/or meditation.

If you’d like to practice along with music, here is my Spotify playlist for class:


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