30 min Beginner Yin Yoga in a Chair | Special Guest Melissa West

By | October 15, 2021

Today we have a special guest for you on YogaJP. Dr. Melissa West is an expert in beginner yoga and yin yoga. This beginner yin yoga class is a full 30 min yin yoga class done in a chair especially for Sherry’s students that will teach you how to practice yin yoga with the three principles of yin yoga.

If you are brand new to yoga and get frustrated with other yoga classes on YouTube that donΒ΄t give modifications and are too hard to follow, donΒ΄t worry, Dr. Melissa West’s beginner yin yoga classes are actually for beginners, people who have never done yoga before. She will offer slow, easy to follow, step by step instructions with lots of modifications.

There are three main principles of yin yoga that Melissa will be introducing you to in this beginner yin yoga class: #1 choose an appropriate edge, #2 soften #3 we resolve to be still #4 we stay for awhile. This yin yoga for beginners explores each one in depth. Yin Yoga is a genre of yoga that focuses on the deeper connective tissues wrapping around the joints, particularly in your hips, pelvis and lower spine.

This yin yoga for beginners on a chair is the perfect introduction to yin yoga or chair yoga for beginners. The yin yoga postures in the chair are chosen to increase the flexibility of the hips, hamstrings and relieve back pain. In yin yoga we access the deeper connective tissues of the joints and bones. This class is perfect if you are unable to get on the floor or if you are practicing in a place where you do not have access to the floor.

Yin Yoga on a chair allows us to practice even when we do not have a lot of space. Chair yin yoga will allow us to continue with yin yoga practice even if we are dealing with foot or ankle injuries. Many of us spend long hours at work in a chair. Changing our perception of the chair as an object associated with work to an object that we can use for yin yoga can allow us to bring a bit of that mindset into our work environment as well.

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