10 Minute Full Body Stretch To Relieve Muscle Tension | Easy & Effective Stretch Workout

By | August 18, 2016

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This routine will help you get a nice full body stretch to help tight muscles in the backs of the legs, hips, rotation through the spine and arms.

It is a great routine to do after or before another workout, or even on those days where you feel you just need to relax and get your muscles supple and flexible.

Remember to breathe deep and do not strain when you are doing stretches, that way you will feel a nice release in the muscles and really reduce tension.

Try these effective workouts to compliment this routine:
15 MIN CORE & GLUTES BAND WORKOUT : https://youtu.be/cXnQE5JZBO8
10 MIN PILATES FOR BACK PAIN : https://youtu.be/ke6pJK-JXEM
12 MIN UPPER BACK & POSTURE BAND WORKOUT : https://youtu.be/ut7-62OgQqo

Post in the comments once you have done this routine.
Keep up the great work amazing people 🙂 Reach out if you need any help!

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