1 Hour Hatha Yoga for HAPPIER Hips & Lower Back | YWM 640

By | January 27, 2023

1 Hour Hatha Yoga for HAPPIER Hips & Lower Back | YWM 640
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Flexible and Mobile hips can help to prevent low back pain, hip pain and knee pain. There are over 15 muscles that are associated with your hip area and each working together to give the hip joint mobility. When you improve the mobility of your hips, you can prevent low back pain and improve your overall movement patterns.

Back pain can be caused by a number of things from the shapes our bodies take sitting long hours in cars or in chairs hunched over our computers and laptops, strained muscles and ligaments from lifting heavy objects or a sudden movement during a sports activity, to whiplash damage from a car accident. No matter the cause, back pain can be debilitating and it can be helpful to have simple hatha yoga poses that you can do to relieve your pain.

This week we are going OG with a 60 minute full length hatha yoga class. I have been hearing from so many of you about how much you love my old hour long hatha yoga classes. So I am bringing them back. We are going to have lots of time to open our hips and release our back in this class. I can’t wait to practice with you!

Props Needed: Yoga Strap, Yoga Block

1 Hour Hatha Yoga for HAPPIER Hips & Lower Back Sequence:

Windshield Wiper
Half Happy Baby
Hand to Big Toe Pose
Reclined Pigeon
Bridge Pose
Cat Pose
Gate Pose
Lunge Pose
Tree Pose
Goddess Victory Squat
Wide-Legged Standing Forward Fold
Happy Baby
Poem: The Cure for it All by Julia Fehrenbacher

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